In a day and age where nearly every day has a special connotation (think ‘national ice cream day’) and every month is set aside for a particular cause, I’d like to remind you that November is “make a will month”.  Do you have a Will?  Does your loved one?  If so, I commend you!  Most Canadians do not have these critical documents in place, and if they do, they probably haven’t reviewed it in years.  

In 2018, the Angus Reid Institute published research about Canadians and their Wills (or lack thereof).  The poll suggested that 51% of Canadians do not have a Will, and of the 35% who do, they admitted that it needed to be updated.  These are staggering figures!  The research also highlighted the fact that women are less likely to have a Will and suggested the significant roadblock is the legal costs involved with seeing a lawyer to draft a Will.  Another common excuse for not having a Will is that the individual is ‘too young’.  But, what if you have a children, what happens then?  Or, what happens if you don’t have a power of attorney and you’re in a serious accident?  These documents are essential and can make all the difference in otherwise emotionally charged situations.  

Are you buying another sweater for Christmas — why not give them a Will for Christmas?  It is pretty easy to do as many lawyers charge a block fee for a Will and Powers of Attorney package.    Email us at to discuss what package best suits your loved one and give them one of the best gifts possible — peace of mind!